Thursday, March 21 - Kandy and the market.

Thursday we arose, had another western breakfast and decided to tour Kandy. Katie had some Peace Corps business, trying to get some government support for water project in her village, so we decided to tag along and then explore the city.

Katie's business was swiftly completed (in Lankan terms, which means that it was only an hour and a half) and we swung down to the market area. There was cloth of all descriptions for sale, and we purchased skirts, saris, and so on as gifts for the people back home.

We had lunch at the oriental restaurant again, and then walked to the Kandyan Cultural Center, where local artists sold their wares. We spent quite a bit of cash there that day, buying souveniers for all and sundry. There were wood and coconut pots and containers, puzzle boxes, jewelry, and so on. We bought a few brass letter openers, and two brass spearheads. Katie was highly amused at these two tourist types and their shopping frenzy.

(Click here for a fairly big JPEG of the "moonstone" outside of the Craft Center.)

In due course we retired to the hotel for the evening. Dinner at the hotel was okay - we'd had better western food before, but not in Sri Lanka.