Wednesday, March 20 - The Road to Recovery

We arose in the morning, packed up our supplies, turned the compost heap, and set out to the bus stop. Katie was weak but recovering. We planned to get back to Veliulla and find a phone to call the Peace Corps physician, who could hopefully prescribe something over the phone.

We reached the bus stop with seconds to spare, and joined the many children on their way to school. Two of them offered their seats to us, and Katie insisted that we take them, though she stood.

We arrived in town, and we waited for the bus to Nuwara Eliya while Katie tracked down a phone and called the doctor. When she returned, she had found some antibiotics at the recommendation of her doctor. (Many drugs that require a prescription in the U.S. are over-the-counter in a place like Sri Lanka.)

The trip to Kandy was the reverse of the trip out, though a little faster. I struck up a conversation with a woman beside me, who was a teacher on her way to Kandy. She was very interested in my impressions about her country, and asked about where I was from and what it was like.

When we made it to Kandy, we had dinner at an oriental restaurant with a waiter who was very young but very thorough, and brought us food that was very welcome and very good. It was refreshing to drink cold table water again. Katie had to be in Kandy at the end of the week anyway, as there was a Peace Corps meeting then. Because the meeting was going to be tomorrow anyway, we checked into the same hotel - the Hotel Thilanka, which was far nicer than any of the accomodations we'd had before now.


After KT's village, we take it a little easier.

We decided to relax after that - Katie was tired, and so were we, and we'd spent most of our journey just getting from place to place. We stayed in the hotel that night, and watched the X-Files on Indian T.V. in the hotel bar.