Alternatives To Ostiary

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Ostiary Works
  3. Complications
  4. Getting Ostiary
  5. Installing Ostiary
  6. Alternatives to Ostiary
    1. Port Knocking
    2. Net::Pcap
    3. Xringd
    4. Procmail, CVTSA, et. al.
    5. VPNs
    6. Lando
  7. FAQs

(A version of this page was published as an article in the Linux Gazette.)

Alternatives to Ostiary

Many other people have wanted to do this sort of thing, and have come up with other ways to accomplish the same ends. Some may be more suited to particular applications than Ostiary, so it might be worth it to check them out.

I personally believe Ostiary has a niche (or I wouldn't have written it). It's extremely simple (almost all of the other options above have to deal with variable data, with the attendant potential for bugs) and requires very few resources (I wouldn't run most of these on my 68030 box). But my needs may be rather specialized...