First Person File Manager

I've been slowly working on a 3D file manager that's operated like a first-person shooter. I was originally inspired to think along these lines by DOOM for sysadmins, and other people have tried similar things (Brutal File Manager, Virtuadesk) but nothing I've seen quite matches what I wanted to try. So, I started to develop it.

I'd suggest reading the design document to help understand the screenshots below. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

An early effort.plain room
A symlink - note the translucency.symlink
A full room. Doors into subdirectories on the far wall, various files in the foreground.Room with subdirectores
A better view of the subdirectories.subdirs
Close up on a text file.text file
A makefile in the foreground, a shell script behind.makefile
Images textured with a thumbnail of the image.images
A preliminary HUD; putting the cursor on an object displays information about it.HUD
The door to a parent directory from the /tmp directory. Note the different color and texture, indicating that it has different permissions and is on a different filesystem. The HUD indicates the filesystem type.parent
The HUD on a different file.HUD2
Subdirectories in the /tmp dir.subdirs