The Second Test

Not many people get that first test right. I still won't tell you the answer - yet - but let's try another test. Most people do quite well on this one.

Test Number Two

You have a set of cards before you. Each card has information about patrons in a bar. On one side is what they are drinking, on another side is their ages.

  -----------------  -----------------  ----------------  ----------------
  | Drinking wine |  | Drinking soda |  | 25 years old |  | 16 years old |
  -----------------  -----------------  ----------------  ----------------

Now, let's say you're the bouncer at that bar. Your job is to make sure that no one under the age of 21 is drinking alcohol. Which of the above cards do you need to flip over to see if that condition is met?

For the answers to both tests, move on to the answer page.