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OpenGL Quake - The "Best" Card

The question of which video card is "best" for Linux Quake is somewhat complicated. 3Dfx was the first company to support Linux, but it only does so under NDA - it does not release specification information to the Linux community. On the other hand, nVidia's drivers are not as mature, but nVidia wrote them themselves and donated them as open source to the XFree86 and Mesa teams. Matrox is apparently making at least some specifications available, but is not writing drivers themselves.

I personally went with nVidia, because they were the most open about their support. It must be noted again that the 3Dfx support is currently more mature (and faster), but nVidia is expected to catch up in a big way when XFree86 4.0 comes out (roughly September 1999). I don't have enough information on Matrox to comment, I'm afraid.

If you only want to use Quake I, 3Dfx is the only way to go. If you want to use QuakeWorld or any later Quake game, your choices are more open.

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