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Palm Battery Life

Different Palms have different types of batteries. Many use 2 AAA batteries, though some rechargeable units have Lithium Ion battery packs sealed in. These types are recharged by placing them in the cradle that they use to communicate with a PC.

The nice thing about Palms, particularly when compared to other handhelds, is the battery life. Palms can run for up to 18 hours or more, doing continuous processing, on two AAA batteries. (Compare this to most laptops, which run for two hours or so with the CPU at maximum utilization.)

When used in more typical fashion (turned on 5-20 times per day, usually for a few seconds at a time, with the occasional longer editing or gaming session) 2 AAA batteries last from one to five months!

Rechargeable batteries hold less power than disposable batteries, but using rechargeagle AAA's or battery packs, a user can expect at least several days to a few weeks of usage per charge.

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