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The full text of this presentation (along with all of these links) is available online at Each bullet point is a link to a page with explanations, more detail, and links to further information. The Metro Detroit Linux Users Group's home page is at

Linux for Free

The Linux Giveaway List is at Linux users from around the world offer to mail you their Linux CDs if you pay for the postage. You don't usually get the most recent stuff that way, but it's nearly free.

A partial list of businesses that sell Linux materials:

Linux Documentation & Information

The Linux Documentation Project at has huge amounts of information on all things Linux. One page to visit is the Linux INFO-SHEET at, which contains a thorough summary of Linux's features. The Linux Myth Dispeller at and the Linux Anti-FUD FAQ at address common myths and misconceptions about Linux.

Other sites to visit include,,, and

C-NET has recently set up an introductory site on Linux at,10000,0-3721-7-279437,00.html.

Some helpful tips on installation can be found at

Unix / Windows NT Comparisons