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Linux In Business

A large number of business are using Linux (see this link for an incomplete list) in a wide variety of fields, ranging from ISP to manufacturing to government to retailers and more. (It seems that an amazing 25% of ISP's use Linux!)

Because of Linux's 24/7 reliability, scalability, performance, and configurability, it can make a powerful IT resource for any company. When you consider Linux's low cost (zero per-user license fees are just one exmple) Linux systems are even more attractive.

A partial list of Linux business resources is maintained at http://www.linux.org/business/index.html, and is a good place to look for more information.

A recent example in the press is Total Travel Management, in Troy, Michigan. You can read about their conversion to Linux here.

The Gartner Group recently released a short article that does a good job of making a business case for Linux.

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